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PL Pilot Project Press Kit, May 2007 [9mb]

The Portable Light project is a non-profit initiative established by KVA MATx that creates new ways to deliver renewable power and light to the developing world in a textile form that integrates flexible photovoltaics and energy efficient solid state lighting. Portable Light textiles can be adapted to local cultures and customized by people using traditional sewing and weaving techniques in an open source integration model. Portable Light provides renewable solar power to charge a cell phone and provide bright, white light to support community based education and household economic development.

The Portable Light Project website is currently being updated and re-launched. The new website will improve the project’s global outreach and provide people who use Portable Light with a better means to access information and tell their stories.  Please pardon our appearance during this transition. 

For recent information on the Portable Light Project, please see:

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 The Rocky Mountain Institute, America’s leading think and do tank for renewable energy, is working with the Portable Light Team to scale the project. To join the initiative and make a tax deductible donation to the Portable Light Project, please click here