Sheila Kennedy and Frano Violich are co-founders of Kennedy & Violich Architecture, Ltd. (KVA) an interdisciplinary design practice that explores new relationships between architecture, digital technology and emerging public needs. The work of KVA has been recognized by National Design Excellence Awards from the American Institute of Architecture, Awards from Progressive Architecture and Architectural Record, Industrial Design Excellence Awards and the Public Work Award of the National Endowment for the Arts. In 2000, Sheila Kennedy established MATx, a pioneering materials research unit that engages teaching, writing, and applied creative production across the fields of electronics, architecture and material design. MATx works collaboratively with business leaders, manufacturers, engineers, and public agencies to invent design concepts, products and building systems that advance the real world implementation of sustainable technologies.

MATx has served in advisory roles as a consultant to the United States Department of Energy, the National Academy of Sciences’ Government-Industry Partnerships, and the Vision 2020 National Technology Roadmap. The Portable Light project is part of a current MATx initiative to develop affordable models for energy-efficient infrastructure through innovations in design research, semi-conductor technology and digital manufacturing techniques.

KVA MATx Books & Essays:

Material Misuse, KVA works and writings Architectural Association, London (US: PAP)

"The Return of the Real", essay by Sheila Kennedy Arch+ (Germany) Issue # 172; on Materials

"Electricity: (a) Material Media", essay by Sheila Kennedy PRAXIS #6: New Technologies:// New Architectures

Bugs, Fish Floors and Ceilings: Luminosity and the Contemporary Problem of Material Presence MATx Research, Harvard University

NPR Weekend America, "Shedding New Light" Interview with Sheila Kennedy


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